Live Tree Option

Our most important NEW feature is our LIVE TREE OPTION!

Our customers expressed a lot of “push back” at the thought of growing a tree from a seed. In response to this, we have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and now offer live evergreen trees to our customers at no additional cost.

When purchasing a BioUrn on our website, our customer can select a living evergreen tree. Separate from their BioUrn, a living, thriving evergreen tree is delivered direct to the customer’s doorstep, and arrives at the optimal planting time for that tree in their zone!

This ensures our customers a living memorial tree for their beloved family member. Ensuring that every customer has success creating their pet’s living memorial is a part of our Customer Satisfaction Pledge, which is included in every BioUrn kit.

Testimonial from Joy Mau

One happy customer was impressed with her live tree’s growth after just one month!

Lisa recently posted this online:

“Today we recently helped our friends pay tribute to their beloved family member named “Nani”, which means “beautiful” in Hawaiian. Her BioUrn will grow a beautiful Chinese Orchid tree, with lovely pink blooms to remind her family of her sweet aloha. Thank you to my friend Joy, for choosing BioUrn to create Nani’s memorial.”

Soon after, the customer replied:

“Thank you Lisa for giving us a beautiful way to remember Nani. I can’t wait for the tree to grow and blossom.”

Joy Mau — Yorba Linda, CA

A second photo was posted a month later showing Nani’s tree and the noted growth!

“Nani’s memorial tree 1 month later. It’s growing nicely. Thank you BioUrn.”