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Natural Awakenings

Forever Green: Eco-Burial Options Grow

“Many states outlaw burying pet remains in a human cemetery, so Lisa Brambilla, of Yorba Linda, California, invented 100 percent biodegradable Bio Urns.”

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Women in the Pet Industry

Finalists for Pet Industry Woman of the Year, 2016

“Lisa Brambilla – My Eternal Family Tree LLC”

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The Pet Matchmaker

The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five, June 2014

“…I love the idea of this 100% cotton biodegradable Bio-Urn.”

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Pet Radio Forum

Pet Lover & Momprenuer Creates Biodegradable Pet Urn That Grows a Memorial Tree

“As a devoted pet lover, my house is always filled with dogs.”

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Pet Retailer Magazine

Memorials (Interview with Lisa Brambilla, Creator of BioUrn4Pets)

“The market for pet memorials is growing as the human/animal bond becomes stronger.”

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Top Women in the Pet Industry

Spring 2015 Magazine

“BioUrn is changing the way people think about memorializing their beloved companions.”

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SB Wire

Southern California “Mompreneur” Creates a Green Burial Option to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Grow Trees with BioUrn

“Today’s earth-conscious consumers finally have a burial option that is not just green, but also affordable.”

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