FAQs — Start Here for Answers to Your Questions

A: BioUrn® is a biodegradable cremation urn that is hand sewn, created from 100% organic cotton, and holds the entirety of your loved one’s cremated remains (ashes) along with soil and a seedling of a plant that you choose from your local garden center or nursery. Once prepared and planted, the BioUrn sustains a brand new life that will help with grieving, and provide comfort for years to come. 

 The BioUrn “kit” contains everything you will need:

  • Your BioUrn
  • Cotton drawstring bag, to hold the cremated remains
  • Specially Treated Planting Mix
  • Customizable garden marker
  • Step-by-step preparation and planting instructions

A: No, we send you the BioUrn, and the instructions to “inurn” the ashes yourself easily. You do not even need to be in possession of the cremains before you order.

A: No, the process is so simple, even the youngest family members can participate. Losing a loved one can be especially traumatic for children. BioUrn can help, by redirecting the focus from grieving and loss to creating a “circle-of-life” experience. Watch the step-by-step video to see the easy preparation process.”

“A: Throughout the United States, the cremated remains of people and pets are deemed to hold no health hazards to the public. You should always obtain permission to bury your loved one’s cremated remains on public land, or property that you so not personally own. You may, however, plant a BioUrn memorial tree on your own personal property without incident.”

“A: Yes, the BioUrn can be planted in a decorative container so that you grow your memorial plant or tree indoors, on a patio, terrace, or lanai. This enables you to take your BioUrn memorial tree with you when you move.”

“A: Yes. The average cremated remains will fit one of the BioUrn sizes offered (pet or human). If there are multiple family members, each with a portion of the cremains, we can help you figure out the appropriate size the individual urns should be. Contact us directly and we will help you get everything that you will need.”

“A: Yes, the BioUrn for People includes a lid, also handmade from 100% organic cotton. The lid gives the BioUrn a tasteful and thoughtful presence at a funeral service.”

“A: Yes. Visit the BioUrn size chart to choose the size that is right for your needs. Knowing your pet’s approximate weight will ensure that the right size BioUrn is sent.”

“A: The BioUrn kit makes a beautiful gift, and can be sent anywhere in the continental United States.”

“A:Estate planners recommend BioUrn to those Eco-conscious consumers who wish to choose how they will be remembered, and appreciate a burial that is both affordable and good for the planet. A BioUrn can be purchased and shipped in advance. Be sure to consult with an estate planner to have your choice of plant or tree, and the specific location it is to be planted noted in a will or living trust. This thoughtful process will relieve your loved ones of some very difficult decisions during a time of loss. With no expiration date or “shelf life” your BioUrn is ready when it is needed.”

A: First step is to choose the correct BioUrn for your needs. Using the chart, you be able to choose the BioUrn that is the ideal size.  Once all choices have been made, you complete the sale with your payment and your BioUrn kit will be shipped directly via USPS Priority Mail. Everything you will need will be in your BioUrn kit.

If you need help, just call 877-370-1166.

Return Policy:

  • All standard products ordered from BioUrn, Inc. can be returned USPS 3 day air within 30 days of receipt, provided they are returned in its entirety, unused and in the same condition they were received.
  • All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer, and will be deducted before a refund is processed.
  • Refunds will be processed within 72 hours of receipt of the returned and inspected item.
  • Custom BioUrn products are non-returnable.