About Us

Since 2013, BioUrn Inc. has provided pet lovers across America with a loving, living memorial that lets their pet’s memory live on. Handcrafted in USA from 100% organic cotton, BioUrn was created by a pet lover for pet lovers, and is a Veteran owned business. With BioUrn, our customers have the confidence of knowing that their satisfaction is our primary focus.

Meet Lisa

BioUrn creator Lisa Brambilla is a Pet Lover who comes to the table with sixteen years of hands-on pet industry experience. BioUrn has been embraced by the Veterinary industry; it is seen as a valuable tool to help veterinary professionals through difficult conversations with grieving pet parents.

BioUrn is the trusted choice of Pet Lovers across the USA.

BioUrn, Inc. supports the pet-loving community by donating a complimentary BioUrn to any military or civilian service K9 lost in the line of duty. We also donated BioUrn to the Sweetpea Friends of Rutland in Paxton, Massachusetts. Their rescue shelter tragically burned to the ground in November, 2015, causing the loss of fifty animals who were awaiting adoption. A BioUrn tree-lined memorial path is being built in honor of those pet who lost their lives in the fire.

biourn ceo lisa brambilla

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